Commercial, Private and Communal

Commercial and residential buildings all have specialised requirements which demand that the engineer be as sensitive to function as the architect should be to structure.

Bührmann & Partners work in close conjunction with architects  and other professional colleagues throughout Namibia and have been involved in a variety of projects: multi-story office buildings, houses, old age homes, restoration of old buildings and development of low-cost housing, shops, laboratories, schools, hospitals, hotels, flats, sport complexes, libraries and civic centres.


Over the years Bührmann & Partner have been involved in a multitude of industrial projects both light and heavy industry; concrete or steel structure; for the private client or multinational corporations; all tailored to the client’s requirements.

With the present escalation in costs, cutting down on project time is paramount to producing a cost effective end product. To this end, the firm makes extensive use of hardware and software systems to minimise the planning time.

Be it as project managers, as part of a professional team or in conjunction with the contractors in turnkey projects, Bührmann & Partners can offer the multi-disciplinary input required for this specialised field.

Municipal Services and Roads

Bührmann & Partners have been responsible for feasibility studies, design, documentation and contract supervision of roads and services for residential and industrial developments throughout the country.

These services include:
Urban streets, collector and arterial roads, hydrological analyses and stormwater drainage, water and sewage reticulation, civil services for large commercial and industrial projects, geotechnical investigations for new urban developments.

We have also been involved in numerous road projects, in some instances including urban traffic studies and transportation planning.

Road projects, that have been undertaken throughout Namibia, cover the entire spectrum from feasibility studies of climbing/passing lanes to freeways through to low-cost gravel roads in rural areas.


Bridge design is a sufficiently specialised aspect of structural engineering to qualify as a discipline in its own right. During the design and project management of some twenty major bridges over the years, Bührmann & Partners engineers have had to deal with a multitude of geological, topographical, ecological and structural conditions; in some instances, existing bridges had to be rehabilitated and/or widened.

Petro-Chemical and Firefighting

Bührmann & Partners have been involved with the petrochemical industry since 1994. In-house mechanical, civil, structural and geotechnical capacity has permitted a wide variety of projects to be undertaken throughout the country, including:

Product storage and handling - above and below ground tankage, pumping and piping installations, road and rail loading facilities. 

Fire-fighting measures - to SANS 10089: Bundwalls, fresh and seawater pumpstations, central foam injection, bund foam and tank foam protection, as well as bund drainage systems.

Ancillary - depot office blocks, heavy duty concrete paving, oil/water separators.