• Project Identification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial co-ordination for turnkey and conventional developments
  • Drawings, documentation and construction documentation
  • Financial management of consultants and contractors


  • Stormwater drainage
  • Sewerage disposal reticulation and wastewater treatment
  • Water reticulation analysis, reticulation design, water pressurising systems
  • Sport fields and stadia
  • Oil depot planning, fuelling systems, e.g. airport hydrant systems
  • Fire fighting installations for oil depots
  • Design of marine structures, e.g. sea-walls
  • Tacheometric field and site surveys


  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural steel and timber
  • Multi-storey, industrial and residential buildings
  • Bridges


  • Traffic studies
  • Freeways, urban and rural roads
  • Weighbridges


Bührmann & Partners have been involved with the petro-chemical industry since 1994. In-house capacity has permitted a wide variety of projects to be undertaken throughout the country, including:

  • Product storage and handling-above and below ground tankage, pumping and piping installations, road and rail loading facilities.
  • Firefighting measures – to SANS 10089: Bund walls, fresh and seawater pressure booster pump stations, central foam injection stations, bund foam and tank foam protection, bund drainage systems.
  • Ancillary – depot office blocks, heavy duty concrete paving, oil / water separators.
  • Service Stations:
  • Airport fuelling facilities including underground hydrant fuelling systems.

We have also successfully completed various projects in the very specialised field of the provision of airport apron firefighting facilities i.e. water pressurizing pump stations and hydrant reticulations systems to ICAO and FAA standards.


Bührmann & Partners recently adopted various new software packages to increase productivity and coordination with architects and clients.

We use Autodesk Revit for drawing creation and quantity take-off. Furthermore, we produce reinforcement drawings using the software, enabling the inclusion of 3D reinforcement views on our drawings, greatly reducing clashes and lost time on site.

For structural design we use the full suite of Prokon Structural Analysis programmes. For advanced analysis and more complex structures we use Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. Furthermore, we have various programmes for the analysis and design of sewer, water and stormwater reticulation.